April 2003-March 2004
Date Programmes Place
25 Apr. -
6 Jul.03
Exhibition of the Winning Works of the 13th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations Tokyo
29 Jun.03 Seminar for Cultural Heritage Protection Nara
23 - 27
Exhibition of 2002 ACCU Photo Contest in Asia and the Pacific "Joy of Sport" Tokyo
29 - 31
Asia-Pacific Forum for UNESCO Tokyo
30 Jul.03 Meeting of Experts on Asia-Pacific Regional Programmes for Culture and Education Tokyo
26 - 30 Aug.03 PLANET 3 Production Workshop India
Oct. 2003 -
Mar. 2004
2003 ACCU International Exchange Programme under the UNESCO/Japan Funds-in-Trust for the Promotion of International Cooperation and Mutual Understanding Japan
16 Sep.-
12 Oct.03
36th Training Course on Book Production in Asia and the Pacific "Production of Environmental Education Materials" Tokyo, Kyoto
25 Sep. -
24 Oct.03
Training Course on Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Structures Nara and others
Nov. 2003 -
Feb. 2004
Training Course on Cultural Heritage Protection Nara and others
26 Nov.-
9 Dec.03
2003 Invitation Programme for Chinese Teachers Tokyo and others
2-5 Dec.03 ACCU-APPEAL Joint Planning Meeting on Regional NFE Programmes in Asia and the Pacific Tokyo
PLANET 3 Animation Production Meeting Malaysia
16 -19
International Conference "Gardens and their Environment Context" Nara
29 Jan.04 -
10 Feb.04
2004 Invitation Programme for Korean Teachers Tokyo and others
26 Feb.04 -
1 Mar.04
2004 Regional Meeting in Asia and the Pacific on Promotion of Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage Osaka
28 Feb.04 -
8 Mar.04
Monitoring and Evaluation of LRCs Lao PDR, Indonesia