The region of Asia and the Pacific is a treasure house of folktales. Some are pleasant and exciting, and some are rather frightening. You might have heard the story somewhere else. ACCU produces animated cartoon videos based on these folktales and introduces them through broadcasting stations and libraries in the region.
White Elephant (India)
Shankar, a royal gardener, could not believe his eyes when he saw, by the moonlight, a huge white elephant in the royal garden. He could not resist holding on to this celestial elephant's tail as it climbed up to heaven. There he saw flowers, trees and fruits which were ten times bigger, more fragrant and more tasty than those found on the earth, and he brought one back to his wife, Lakshmi. His journey with the white elephant became known to the curious villagers and one day they all tried to reach heaven together ...

The Dog Who Wanted to Be the Sun (Thailand)
A little dog named Greenie decided that he wanted to be the sun himself and wanted the sun to be a dog in his place. Finally the sun agreed and Greenie shone fiercely and ruthlessly on anyone or anything that he thought should be destroyed until he found out that the cloud could block his rays. Greenie then wanted to be the cloud, wind, an anthill, and so oncanything which looked stronger than he was.

The Princess of Lotus Flowers (China)
Douxu, a scholar, met a beautiful Lotus Princess in a dream. The Princess's home was attacked by a huge Serpent. Finding no way to rescue her, the scholar awoke in a frenzy. To his surprise, the sound of crying from the Princess in his dream was coming from some bees buzzing around the pillow on which he was asleep. Actually, a beehive in the neighbouring garden had been attacked by a big snake. Remembering his dream and looking at the snake he had killed, Douxu couldn't help sighing "That is the Serpent".
The film presents an old philosophical idea of Zhuangzi about the mutual interweaving of life and dream having, yet not possessing; not possessing yet having.