The following 110 prize-winning works were selected during the international jury meeting held from 18 to 20 July 2000 in Tokyo, out of 4,787 entries from 23 countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Prize of the Chairman of the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO and the Nikon Prize
Love Crosses All Borders

Noriomi Terayama

Prize of the President of Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Nikon Prize
Young Mothers are on Walkway

Fang Zhonglin

Prize of the President of the Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO
and the Nikon Prize
Peace, Down the Legs

Debashis Mukherjee

Prize of the Secretary-General of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO
Resident Padcharapon Sag-Tao Thailand

Prize of the Secretary-General of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO
Bless Them All Tenzin Namgay Bhutan

Prize of the Secretary-General of the Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO
The Wedding Day Yang Jianzheng China

Prize of the Secretary-General of the Thai National Commission for UNESCO
Heavenly Joy Sagnik Majumdar India

Prize of CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, India)
Let's Jump Together Hii Yii Kuong Malaysia

Prize of the Photographic Society of Pakistan
Playing a Game with Foreigners at the Slope of the Semeru Mountain Nuktoh Kafrawi Kurdi Indonesia

Prize of the Honorary President of the Photographic Society of Japan
Here is What We Say Ghale Bahadur Dongol Nepal

Ito Ryoji Memorial Prize
Meditation Together Myint Thein Myanmar Myint Thein Myanmar

Uchimura Naoya Memorial Prize
Interesting Hoang Thach Van Viet Nam

Sisters Liane Audrins Australia

Happy Time Kazi Golam Quddus Helal Bangladesh

Co-existance Kaiser Alam Bangladesh

Husband and Wife Abir Abdullah Bangladesh

Gipsy - 3 Subimal Das Swapan Bangladesh

Friends Forever Golam Mostofa Bhuiya Bangladesh

Granddaughter Den Ru-yi China

Take a Picture for Marriage Ma Weiwu China

Shoot at the Goal Mao Jinjun China

Bargain Shen Hanhao China

Brother and Sister Shen Liya China

Hello Jin Changxun China

Son on 71 Cuts Toenails for Mother of 101 Wang Qin China

The Hope Wang Yuhuang China

Love without Border Wang Congyan China

Friendship Dance Zhou Changyou China

Wish to the Year 2000 Yuan Danxin China

How Interesting! Xu Xiaofeng China

In Spring Festival Zhang Qingzhong China

Boat Racing Zhu Jianxing China

Mother and Her Children Zeng Fanting China

Joyful Journey Avijit Roy India

Friends Bindu Arora India

Standing in Harmony Asis Sur India

Living Together Kamal Rana India

Smile, Smile and Smile Kallol Majumder India

The World is Not Enough O. P. Soni India

Many Souls Together for Peace T. Rajan Poduval India

Family Living in Harmony Zakir Ali "Marhoom" India

Public Service Aris Munandar Indonesia

The Burden of Life Andi Wijaya Indonesia

Friendship in Harmony Ir. Hendra Kusuma Indonesia

Happiness Mawardi B.ABD. Fatah Indonesia

Helping Poor Pang Hwaysheng Indonesia

The Bride and her Companions Mohammad Reza Arab Iran

Comrade Davood Kohan Torabi Iran

Friendship Kazem Salavati Iran

A Naughty Boy Hiroshi Ikeda Japan

Let's Talk Yasuo Okura Japan

A Spring Day Noboru Ando Japan

Man and Woman Born in the Year of Dragon Tomoko Ono Japan

Waiting to Perform Kazuko Oishi Japan

Family Kinsei Taguchi Japan

A World of Their Own Shoichi Tanji Japan

Welcome Your Cheer Rasmi Duangsacha Lao P.D.R.

King for the Day Arthur Teng Malaysia

Sharing Happiness Liong Khing Ying Malaysia

My Home Ong Hooi-giin Malaysia

I Don't Forget Namjildorji Bat-Erdene Mongolia

Rhythm Htin Linn Myanmar

Living in Harmony Mg Maung Lwin Myanmar

Fishing Village Moe Min Myanmar

Living in Harmony Maung Maung Gyi Myanmar

Novices Daly Alms Round Nilar Myint Myanmar

Children and Happiness San Oo Myanmar

Under the Same Rule Toe Myint Myanmar

Shinbyu (Making Novices) Thein Oo Myanmar

Happy Walking Sagar Shrestha Nepal

Together Kishore Maharjan Nepal

Service: Factor of Harmony Kiran Panday Nepal

Living in Harmony Prasant Shrestha Nepal

Helping Granpa Pradeep Shakya Nepal

Greatness of Mother Soul Mukunda Kumar Bogati Nepal

Ebony and Ivory Rosalie Gwilliam New Zealand

Co-ordination (at Ceremony) Fakhar Zaman Azer Pakistan

Harmony Creates Love Mohammad Sharif Mussawar Pakistan

Nayudos Amun Cultural Show (Tep Tep) Stephen Bagme Waine Papua New Guinea

Relaxing Family Alexis I. Dela Vega Philippines

Fun in Harmony Ted D. Lugtu Philippines

Let's Play Ball! Precious Angel Chua Philippines

Clasping the Hands Choi Won Ja Republic of Korea

Work Lee Yong Kuen Republic of Korea

Enthusiasm Je Kyung-sung Republic of Korea

Big or Small? Dilantha Dharmagunawardene Sri Lanka

Living in Lovely Kariyawasam Gamhewage Keerthirathna Sri Lanka

Our Own Children Lalitha Abayasundara Sri Lanka

No Conflict S. Anton G. A. Fernando Sri Lanka

President and Photographer Gennady P. Ratushenko Tajikistan

To Put Crabs into a Basket Chirasak Tolertmongkol Thailand

New House, New Family, Old Friends Dacho Buranabunpot Thailand

Relaxation Pisit Senanunsakul Thailand

Happy Family Saharat Senanunsakul Thailand

Concentration Panida Wangniwiatkul Thailand

The Faithfulness Radjai Pearkaew Thailand

Water and Milk Wihan Kwandee Thailand

Spring Duong Van Nhan Viet Nam

Going Home Together in the Rain Hoang Ngoc Cuong Viet Nam

Happiness Hoang Duong Viet Nam

Join Hands Hoang Xuan Hau Viet Nam

Competitors Lai Khanh Viet Nam

After the War Nguyen Thai Phien Viet Nam

New Friend Nguyen The Huyen Viet Nam

Helping Patient Luong The Tuan Viet Nam

Song of the Humane Tran The Long Viet Nam

The Wedding Day Huynh Ngoc Viet Nam

Forever Hoang Quoc Tuan Viet Nam

Sharing the Religious Beliefs Tran Viet Van Viet Nam

Construction Rhythm Van Phuc Viet Nam