Prize-winning Works of the 1999 ACCU Photo Contest
in Asia and the Pacific
OUR ELDERS - Happiness in Old Age

The following 110 prize-winning works were selected during the international jury meeting held from 20 to 22 July 1999 in Tokyo, out of 6,616 entries from 24 countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Grand Prix (3 works)

Prize of the Chairman of the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO and the Nikon Prize
Going Home

Hoang Quoc Tuan
Viet Nam

Prize of the President of Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Nikon Prize
Challenge of a 70-year old

Setsuko Nishimura

Prize of the President of the Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO and the Nikon Prize
Taijiquan with Grand Son

Bao Wei Dong

Special Prize (9 works)

Prize of the Secretary-General of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO
My Grandmother Than Htay Nyaung Myanmar

Prize of the Secretary-General of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO
Still Going Strong ... Jack Andu Indonesia

Prize of the Secretary-General of the Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO
Chatting About the Good-Old Days Zhang Ke Xin China

Prize of the Secretary-General of the Thai National Commission for UNESCO
Friends Hyun Huh Republic of Korea

Prize of CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, India)
Good Friends Shuichiro Kawashiro Japan

Prize of the Photographic Society of Pakistan
Love Shabab Golchin Iran

Prize of the Honorary President of the Photographic Society of Japan
Morning Exercises He Yue Jin China

Ito Ryoji Memorial Prize
Tête-À-Tête Sugato Chattopadhyay India

Uchimura Naoya Memorial Prize
Story of Spring Liu Yadong China

Prize for Excellence (98 works)

Music Day Lisa Mahoney Beltran Australia

Eternal Happiness MD. Farooq Shahriyar Amin Monty Bangladesh

Education Mir Shimul Islam Bangladesh

Dream Caught MD. Golam Ekhtear Bangladesh

Love Between Grandpa and Grandson Wang Zhenshong China

Meet the Guests Ma Hongjie China

The Old Couple Ha Ziyi China

Rhythm of Life Zhang Yaxin China

Late in Life Li Gongcun China

As Strong as Youth Shao Fuming China

Childhood Mao Jinjun China

Grandpa and Grandson In the Contest Pang Zhengzheng China

Going to Watch the Play Wu Pinhe China

Swimming Together Happily Liang Shan China

The Song in the Morning Yang Huiqiang China

Quiet Words Yan Zhengdong China

Opponents Lu Yuqing China

Frisbeeing Chen Xinting China

Recalling Childhood Li Nan China

The Fiftieth Spring Guo Chengqiang China

Learning How to Dance Jiang Jian China

Unique Skill Xue Weihong China

Guru Kurupa Harshad Vadodaria India

We Are Too Happy Subhasis Mukherjee India

Compliment Dilip Lokre India

Keeping Fit Ashesh Shah India

Play-mate Binode Kumar Das India

Down Memory Lane Bhudev Bhagat India

Enjoying the Future Ashim Mukherjee India

In Between Moni Sankar Das India

Youth No More, but Happiness Galore Peter Hyrapiet India

Nothing is Ours, but Time Pratap Rao Shinde India

Help Me Nogo Agusto Aumin Indonesia

Grandmother Djoko Edhy Karyanto Indonesia

Grandfather Drs. Henky Hamdani Kusumajaya Indonesia

Happy Ever After Asad Naghshbandi Iran

The Whispers Balabarzi Reza Iran

Talking Mohmodian Moslem Iran

Grandmother's Stories Atina Pour Jamshidian Iran

Forever Glad to Toil Gerami Yousef Iran

Lovers' Race Tatsuo Kawashiro Japan

Full Bloom Yoriyoshi Asami Japan

Smile of Happiness Teruo Yoshino Japan

At the Window on a Festival Day Kyuemon Yamamoto Japan

To the River God Etsuko Chinen Japan

Chatting Naotoshi Tejima Japan

90-year-Old and 6-year-Old Shuichi Shigano Japan

Peaceful Time Yoshiyuki Oshima Japan

Together with Her Grandson Seiji Chiba Japan

Spring Has Come Jiro Nakazato Japan

Playing with a Grandson Kunio Chiba Japan

Sewing the Stiches of Love Phonethip Sauvaly Lao P.D.R.

Thirsty Hu Che Sien Malaysia

Happy Together Yong Chu Mung Malaysia

A Game of Chess Ahmed Hassan Maldives

Waiting for the Dalai Lama Namjildori Bat-Irdene Mongolia

Old Dancers Mahn Tkka Tho Nae Myo Wynn Myanmar

Grandmother Myat Shwe Myanmar

Filled With Ecstasy Myint Thein Myanmar

Happiest Day Myo Myint Aung Myanmar

Enduring Chain of Love Moe Min Myanmar

Generations Ashok R. Shakya Nepal

Supreme Grandmother Mukunda Bogati Nepal

I'd Do Anything for My Granddaughter! Asha Munn New Zealand

Grandson-Grandfather Asad Ali Pakistan

The Bond Dino I. Ymasa Philippines

Chatting Je Kyung-sung Republic of Korea

Elder Ku Tea-hoi Republic of Korea

A Chance Meeting with an Old Friend on the Street Li Gi-Young Republic of Korea

Outing Im Whan-eok Republic of Korea

Internal Happiness Chandrasena Perera Sri Lanka

Our Elders - Happiness in Old Age Thuvan Mohammed Yazeed Askin Sri Lanka

Jolly Talkers Kanol Wangniveskue Thailand

How Can You Be Clean without Me? Pisit Chaiprayoon Thailand

My Grandmother Kamthorn Pongsutiyakorn Thailand

The Place of Happiness Poonsuk Jongpenklang Thailand

Sacred Gift of My Country Abdyvohid Tyraeb Uzbekistan

The Sound of Modern Music Mark N. Atnelo Vanuatu

A Hearty and Healthy Life Tran Hoai Long Viet Nam

Mother Than Nguyen Viet Nam

Eating Grass on Home Pasture Tran Huu Chien Viet Nam

Grandfather and Child Dinh Duy Quang Viet Nam

Grandmother's Happiness Vo Huy Cat Viet Nam

Happiness in Old Age Nguyen Tan Chi Viet Nam

The Flower of Life Cam Van Viet Nam

Defending Hoang Tac Viet Nam

Happiness Truong Thi Viet Nam

My Grandfather Le Van Buu Viet Nam

Mother Do Huu Tuan Viet Nam

The Relaxation of Old Age Duong Van Nhan Viet Nam

A Laughing Face Nguyen Viet Dung Viet Nam

Morning Ngoc Thai Viet Nam

Caring for the Elderly Tao Hoa Viet Nam

Old Teacher's Happiness Tran The Long Viet Nam

Betel Chewing Partner Nguyen Viet Binh Viet Nam

Communal Meeting Le Hoang Nhan Viet Nam

Happiness Du Hai Viet Nam

My Friend Vu Anh Hieu Viet Nam