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Synposium on Support for Artists in Contemporary Culture

Synposium on Support for Artists in Contemporary Culture “Artists of Children's Books in Asia, Africa and Latin America”

Panellists' presentation
ACCU held the Symposium “Artists of Children’s Books in Asia, Africa and Latin America” on 13 March, 2009, in Akihabara, Tokyo. We invited children’s book authors and publishers from Costa Rica, Japan, the Philippines and Sudan where they are facing different difficult circumstances.
  • Tanaka Naoto(Japan)
  • Alaeldin Elgizouli Naeim(Sudan)
  • Wen Hsu(Costa Rica)
  • Tajima Yukihiko(Japan)
  • Karina Bolasco(Philippines)

Following the reading demonstration of two illustration books by Ms. Hayami Yu (Singer), the panellists shared thoughts on current issues in book development and children in their respective countries and discussed the roles of picture books in culturally diverse societies and messages for children.

* Profiles of the panellists in the booklet below (PDF).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
ACCU published a booklet for the Symposium which contains panellists’ papers and “Fathers’ Guide to Reading Kids Stories”. The booklet was distributed to participants at the symposium and concerned organisations and institutions to be utilised by teachers and librarians throughout the world.

*You can download the booklet by clicking the thumbnail or each content below.


  1. Preface PDF Download
  2. Programme PDF Download
  3. Profiles of the Reader and Panellists PDF Download
  4. Outlines of Panellists’ Presentations
    • The Complicated Pleasure of Children’s Books・・・Karina Bolasco (Philippines) PDF Download
    • Current Situation of Illustrators and Children in Costa Rica・・・Wen Hsu (Costa Rica) PDF Download
    • The Current Situation for Illustrators and Children’s Books in Sudan・・・Alaeldin Elgizouli Naeim (Sudan) PDF Download
    • Children, Festivals and Traditional Culture・・・Tajima Yukihiko (Japan) PDF Download
    • Picture Books Are More than Just Educational Tools・・・Tanaka Naoto (Japan) PDF Download

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