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9.Oct.2008 Viet Nam / CEEC

Training materials for preschool teachers (Early Intervention of Children with Disabilities)

8.Oct.2008 Viet Nam / CEEC

Training Materials for Parents (Home-based Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities)

2.Oct.2008 Viet Nam / CEEC

Resource books on Early Intervention (CEEC, 2008)

2.Oct.2008 Viet Nam / CEEC

Survey's Report on Real Situation of Preschool Children with Disabilities in Viet Nam (CEEC, January 2007)

2.Oct.2008 Bhutan / NFCED

Farm Level Decision Making on Choosing the Right Enterprise (A guide to NFE Instructors and Learners)

30.Sep.2008 Uzbekistan / RCSE

29.Sep.2008 Malaysia / KLF

BAWANG MIAD -The Crying River: Storybook (No.1) produced through the "Moyog Family Literacy Project"

17.Sep.2008 Mongolia / NFDE

Newly developed learning materials on ESD

16.Sep.2008 Indonesia / WALHI

WALHI Java met with the ACCU Hope Evalution Mission

9.Sep.2008 Uzbekistan / RCSE

Seminar-training on “Strategy of introduction of inclusive education in Uzbekistan”, organized in 26-28 August 2008

8.Sep.2008 Uzbekistan / RCSE

Dr.R.Shomakhmudova and Dr.U.Fayzieva

8.Sep.2008 Uzbekistan / RCSE

Inclusive education in Uzbekistan

22.Aug.2008 Nepal / NRC-NFE

Training on Waste Management to the learners and different group members (July 2007/March 2008)

22.Aug.2008 Nepal / NRC-NFE

Strengthening of CLC resource center (Nov 2006-present)

22.Aug.2008 Nepal / NRC-NFE

Awareness raising activities (Nov 2006-present)

22.Aug.2008 Nepal / NRC-NFE

Organization of Integrated Literacy Classes (Nov 2006-present)

22.Aug.2008 Nepal / NRC-NFE

Training of facilitators (Oct 2006-present)

22.Aug.2008 Nepal / NRC-NFE

Orientation of CLCMC and other stakeholders on the project and its implementation : September (December 2006)

22.Aug.2008 Nepal / NRC-NFE

Orientation/ Training to the existing facilitators on teaching ESD contents (November 2006)

22.Aug.2008 Nepal / NRC-NFE

Integration of sustainable development issues in ongoing literacy, out-of-school children program (OSP) and women literacy programs (October - November 2006)

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