Innovation Programme for ESD

Nepal / Non-formal Education (NFE)
Country Nepal
Organization National Resource Center for Non-Formal Education (NRC-NFE)
Address Talchnikhel, Saldobato, Lallipur- 14, Nepal
Phone +977-1-5534416
Fax +977-1-5541689
Project Title

Integrated Environment Literacy Program (IELP) for Poverty Alleviation through Income Generation Program and Quality of Life Improvement of Girls and Women and Disadvantaged Populations through Community Learning Centres (CLCs)


Since destruction of trees, pollution of water and environment is becoming a problem everywhere, we should preserve and propagate trees, water resources and management of waste materials.

The main objective of the project is to provide education to children and adults, especially girls & women, to empower them to conserve and improve the environment through waste management, environment-friendly agriculture, community forest management, production of biogas etc. for their quality of life improvement and sustainable development.

Main activities under the project are

  • Literacy and Non-Formal Education programs integrated with ESD
  • Awareness-raising programs
  • Information dissemination through CLC Resource Center
  • Income-generating programs

At the end of the project period, following outcomes/ impacts should be observed:

  1. Integrated curriculum and learning materials for literacy programs developed;
  2. Information on ESD disseminated to the community people through CLC resource centres;
  3. Improvement in literacy situation of girls, women and disadvantaged groups;
  4. Improvement in environmental situation of the community promoting capability of Waste Management, Recycling of Wastes, Bio gas production, Natural Resource Conservation, Community Forest etc.;
  5. Improvement in income level of the community’s people through different income- generating activities such as vegetable farming, fish farming, fruit farming, bee keeping etc.;
  6. Improvement in health of the women and other vulnerable people;
  7. Elimination of social and cultural evils;
  8. Active participation of women in environmental conservation;
  9. Group work and sharing of work among the community members for sustainable development in their day to day life.


Literacy Resource Center of the NRC-NFE
Training to the literacy facilitators
Organizing rallies for awareness raising
Promoting bio gas installation for energy
Supporting for safe drinking water

The National Resource Center for Non-Formal Education (NRC-NFE) and Center for Education For All (CEFA) came into existence with the aim of providing education to all children, youth and adults through the non-formal ways. The NRC-NFE/ CEFA believe that Education is much broader than schooling alone. Education could happen at home, on the farm, or in the forest, or street. Therefore, it would be absurd to equate education only with schooling. Education should provide not only tools of learning -that is, reading, writing, and calculating skills-but also knowledge and skills to increase income and help to improve the quality of life of the people. "Learning, earning and living together for quality of life improvement" is our motto.

The center has also established a literacy resource center as a part of the ACCU- LRC networks of Asia and the Pacific. The NRC-NFE is also providing technical support to the APPEAL of UNESCO Bangkok in designing plan, program and its implementation as members of Asia Regional Technical Consortium (ARTC).

NRC-NFE's mission is to achieve the goals of UNDE by integrating the principles, values and practices of sustainable development into ongoing literacy education and learning. This education effort will encourage change in behaviour that will create a more sustainable future in terms of environmental integrity, economic viability and a just society for present and future generations. For this purpose we develop curriculum & teaching learning materials to integrate ESD components in ongoing literacy education, and provide those materials to the government and other NGOs for utilization in their classes.

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