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Rohowzi, Siah bazi

Black Play


Takte-Howzi is the Iranian traditional comedy with no dramatic text which is improvised by the group on the basis of their conventions.
Takte-Howzi is also accompanied with music and its characters are specified types.

Reasons for selection

There are different types of traditional and folk dramas in Iran. At first, Ta'zieh, Kheimeh-shab-bazi, and Takte-Howzi are introduced since they are theatrically more developed than other types of dramas. They are also regarded as an important part of Iran's cultural heritage.

Area where performed

All part of Iran

Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Dance, Theatre

Detailed explanation

Takte-Howzi is based on improvisation because there is no dramatic text. The subjects are chosen with regard to the society's current affairs as well as its special types. Sometimes, the actors are the members of a bussinessman's family. The family has a male servant called Mobarak who is black and dressed in red.

Mobarak whose manner of speaking is sweetly peculiar is consulted and asked for help by the members of the stingy and greedy family. The children of the family have friends of whom the parents are ignorant.

Sometimes, the characters are a king, his attendants and Mobarak, the King's servant, whose taking measures against the king's cruelties provokes laughter while mocking the current political affairs.

At first, the groups performing Takte-Howzi, like traveling troupes, acted this drama in ceremonies, but nowadays it is performed in the theaters.

It can be said that Takte-Howzi was based on Kheimeh-shab-bazi, and improvisation was used so that they might not be arrested by the officials.

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