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Ainu Yukar

Yayerap, Sakorpe, Hawki, Oyna, etc.

Yukar of Ainu People

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Performing by the fireside
(c) Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Filming Date 4 February 1992
Filming Place Biratorichou, Hokkaido

Yukar is Ainu epic poetry.

Reasons for selection

Yukar is an outstanding example of oral tradition of the Ainu people and of Japan.

Area where performed


Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Story-telling

Detailed explanation

Yukar is Ainu epic poetry.

Ainu means human in the Ainu language. In ancient days, the Ainu people used to live in Hokkaido, the northern part of Honshu, on the Kuril Islands and in Sakhalin. After World War II, most of the Ainu people moved from Kuril and Sakhalin into Hokkaido. Today they live not only in Hokkaido but also throughout Japan. According to a current survey in 1993, the Ainu population in Hokkaido was 23,830.

The Ainu speak their own language, which is different from Japanese. However, since the Ainu did not have their own written language, they have transmitted their epics, songs and stories orally from generation to generation.

Some of the oral literature of the Ainu, such as Yayerap, Sakorpe, Oyna or Kamuy Yukar, have melodies.

Those with melodies can be divided into two types. One is stories in which heroes are animal gods or nature gods. The performers tell the stories with melodies, inserting onomatopoeia of various sounds of nature. The other type is epic of a human with divine power.

Yukar performers are non-professional men as well as women. Both the performers and audience usually sit together by the fireside, and Yukar is performed while beating the wooden hearth frame with a wooden stick called repni.

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