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Descriptive folk song based on folklore.

Reasons for selection

Needs to be preserved.

Area where performed

All over Nepal

Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Dance

Detailed explanation

Sorathi is a descriptive song based on the story of King Jai Singh and Queen Hemaiti. According to the folklore, King Jai Singh came to know immediately after the marriage ceremony that the girl he married was none other than his lost daughter. This song describes the tragic event in a melodious way. Sorathi is also used to describe important historical events. Though Sorathi is sung all over the country, research on it for preservation of its original form is essential.

Publication and textual documentation

not yet available

Audio documentation

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Visual documentation

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Institution/organisation involved in preservation and promotion

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Data provider

Kumar Basnet
Sanskritik Samrakshyan Parishad
Address: Music Nepal Building, Anamnagar, Post Box No.1115, Kathmandu, Nepal