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Tamang Selo

The Songs of Tamang people

Tamang Selo is a very sweet and enchanting variety of folk songs. Originally sung by Tamang but favoured by all.

Reasons for selection

Tamang Selo is one of the most popular variety of folk songs. Evergreen and choice of every age group.

Area where performed

Hills of Central and Western regions of Nepal. But favoured in the eastern hills as well.

Essential elements of the performing art


Detailed explanation

As the name suggests this folk song Tamang Selo was originated by Tamang who inhabit the hills of Western, Eastern and Central Nepal. The beat and rhythm is slow but the melody is enchanting. Specially used for expression of love, passion and sorrow, Tamang Selo is also sung as question & answer between two competing groups of singers.

This variety is known to Nepali music from the earliest times and hence its date of origin cannot be definitely answered.

When Nepali folk songs are sung in gathering of singers, Tamang Selo is sung to conclude the ceremony.

Publication and textual documentation

not yet available

Audio documentation

Cassette tapes containing Tamang Selo are available but no articles have been published.

Visual documentation

Nepal Television has recorded some Tamang Selo.

Institution/organisation involved in preservation and promotion

does not exist

Data provider

Mr. Shrikrishna Gautam
Special Secretary
HMS/Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture
Address: Tripuresevar Kathmandu, Nepal