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Kartik Nach

The dance is performed through the whole month of Kartik (16 Oct. - 15 Nov.)as a thanksgiving to Lord Kumara for his protection to the community.

Reasons for selection

Kartik Nach is one of the important tantric masked dances done in honour of Lord Kumara in the month of Kartik (October-November).

Area where performed

Durtar Square of Patan City

Essential elements of the performing art

Dance, Music

Detailed explanation

Various incidents of the life of Kartikeya ( Kumara )are enacted in the Kartik dance. Kumara also known as Bhairava who is the patron deity of Newar of Patan and elsewhere. The gentler aspect of Karikeya is Kumara while Bhairava is fear-inspiring and warlike.

Bhairava is also the Commander-in-Chief of deities and the main defender of a fort or fortress. Every city in Nepal has Bhairava as the protector and is highly regarded in that aspect.

Kartik dance enacts important episodes of Lord Kumara 's life.

Publication and textual documentation

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Audio documentation

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Visual documentation

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Institution/organisation involved in preservation and promotion

Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture and the Department of Archeology provide annual grants for its operation.

Data provider

Mr. Shrikrishna Gautam
Special Secretary
HMS/Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture
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