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Kauraha Nritya

Kauda, Chudka, Kanraha

Kauraha Dance


The participants performing Kauraha Dance in the nation-wide dance competition in the year 1997 organised by Sadhana Kala Kendra.

Performed especially at feasts and festivals with the involvement of males and females in the separate teams.

Reasons for selection

It is one of the typical Nepalese folk dances on the verge of extinction. Yet efforts are under way to preserve and promote it from the government and non-government organization. As it is very popular within our border, and also hoped to have international recognition.

Area where performed

Especially among Magar and Gurung castes of western Nepal.

Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Dance

Detailed explanation

It is one of the fascinating dances performed by the youths i.e. males and females especially of Magar and Gurung castes in the western part of Nepal along with the song and dance. It has its various local names like, Kauda, Chudka and so on. It starts with the opening statement We have come from the gents' side, while entering the Rodhi Ghar, a typical Nepalese community house of a countryside.

On one hand, it is quite popular because it involves a large number of people (artists)sharing their hunger, thirst, tiredness and pains who develop friendly ties and emotional integration with one another and on the other hand, it is on the verge of extinction because of the lack of proper protection and preservation and promotion.

Publication and textual documentation

not yet available

Audio documentation

The programme recorded live by Sadhana Kala Kendra at a function in the year 1997.

Visual documentation

The programme recorded live by Sadhana Kala Kendra at a function in the year 1997 and is also being broadcast by Nepal Television frequently.

Institution/organisation involved in preservation and promotion

National Dance Centre (An undertaking of HMG).

Data provider

Milan Moktan
Sadhana Kala Kendra
Address: Kamaladi Mode, Kathmandu, Nepal