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The Nohra 's distinguished costume and dance movement.
(c) ONCC

The Nohra performance has been based on the tale of Prince Sunthon and the bird maiden Manohra. The stress is more on dance movement.

Reasons for selection

Nohra is the folk performance that is most popular in the Southern Thailand.

Area where performed

Southern part of Thailand

Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Dance, Theatre

Detailed explanation

This is the most important of the Southern traditional performing arts, and has also been a mainspring of Thai dramatic art for several hundred years.
Originally, the cast were all male but now female cast have been included. The main literature of the play is Phra Suthon and Nang Manohra only excerpts of which are performed. The stress is more on dance movement and scripts than the story. Nowadays, other stories are also performed.
The Nohra is performed on a covered stage of about 4x4 or 4.5x4.5 meters. The platform is raised (originally the performance was on the ground)and curtained.

Publication and textual documentation

ONCC and Fine Arts Department, ed.
1999 Thai Performing Arts.
Bangkok: ONCC and Fine Arts Department. In Thai.

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