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University of Culture, YangonYin Kyae Hmu Tekatho, Yangon


Front view of the University of Culture

Address: No.26 Quarter, South Dagon Myothit, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: (95-1)90250
Fax: (95-1)90250
E-mail: N/A
Managing Head: Rector

Reasons for selection

The significance of the University is that it plays an important role at national level in research, exhibition, preservation and propagation of cultural properties including performing arts and visual arts.

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Autonomous institution/organization supervised and supported by central government


-Preservation and dissemination of Myanmar Cultural Heritage.
-Research and Training with the aim of bringing about the progress of Myanmar Traditional Culture and turning out outstanding artists and artistes.
-Teaching Traditional Culture and customs of indigenous national races at the University.
-Upholding the spirit of nationalism and patriotism.
-Upbringing the good artists with high morality and nobility.

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Training of researchers
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Description of Major Activities

University of Culture, Yangon, Myanmar was established on 24 September 1993. It is now situated in South Dagon Myothit, Yangon, Myanmar.

The main aims are:
- Keeping dynamic patriotism.
- Strengthening of national unity.
- Preservation of national culture.

Education System

Undergraduate education system is dual-education system of teaching both academic and cultural subjects simultaneously. Students are required to have artistic sense along with academic competence. Knowledge of language, science and social science are required. Myanmar Literature, English Language, Aesthetics, Cultural History, Science, Myanmar National Culture, Aspect of Myanmar are included as Foundation Courses. Regional Geography, Mathematics, Oriental Studies and Archaeology are include as Elective Courses in addition to Specialized Cultural Subjects.

In Music specialization, students have to learn structure and evolution of Myanmar music, Vocal music, Fundamental theories of music, Basic instrumental playing(Harp, Xylophone, Piano, Violin), Myanmar traditional orchestra(Drum Circle, Oboe, Brass Circle, Gong) and Advanced study of world music, Biography of Mahagita composers and western composers, Music composing, Traditional music of Myanmar nationalities and fundamental elements and characteristics of Myanmar music.

In Dramatic Arts specialization, students have to learn Myanmar Traditional grand drama, Dancing and choreography, Dramatic music, Myanmar marionette, Play writing, Stage directing and Ywe(cane ball) arts.

In Painting specialization, Art of drawing, Myanmar traditional arts, Art of anatomy, Art history, Fine arts, Design and Commercial arts are prescribed.

In Sculpture specialization, Technology of Sculpture, Myanmar Traditional Sculpture, Art anatomy, Drawing, Contemporary Sculpture Material Technology and Technology of Sculpture (Modelling / Carving) are taught both theoretically and practically.

The number of students admitted annually is 200(50 students for each major).

Duration of study is 3 years (full time) for B.A degrees and 4 years (full time) for B.A (Hons) degrees in their respective specializations.

After gaining the degrees the graduates are appointed at appropriate departments under different ministries.

Major courses offered are:
(1) Music
(2) Dramatic Arts
(3) Painting
(4) Sculpture

The University also confers one year full time courses of Post Graduate Diploma in Museology (P.G.D.M) and Diploma in Computer Arts (Dip C.A)

The outstanding Cultural Activities are
- Myanmar Traditional Costume Exhibition (2000)
- Myanmar Traditional Musical Instrument Exhibition (2003)
- Myanmar Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition
- Graduation Ceremony including Arts Exhibition and grand stage performance of graduated students annually
- Publication of research works on performing arts, painting and sculpture
- Workshops, Seminars at the local, regional and international levels are occasionally held and country papers are prepared to expose, preserve and promote Myanmar Traditional Music, Dramatic, Painting and Sculpture. Cultural exchange programmes with foreign nations have been carrying out since 1994.

Periodicals of the Institution/Organisation

Culture (Magazine)

Major Publications of the Institution/Organisation


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Mr. Tin Soe
University of Culture, Yangon
Address: No.26 Quarter, Aungzeya, South Dagon, Myothit, Yangon, Myanmar

(Revised in July 2004)
Ms. Khin Hla Htay
Yangon University of Culture
Address: Aung Zeya Road, 26th block, South Dagon Myothit Township, Yangon, Myanmar