News List on July, 2010

SMILE Project 2010 launched
9 July 2010

“Asian Beauty *SMILE ASIA PROJECT by ACCU with ASIENCE” supported by KAO(Kao Corporation, having international operations,is a Japan-based good-standing company in toiletry and beauty care products) was launched in 3 countries (Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines) in May. During the project implementation period, mothers will improve their literacy skills and get knowledge about maternal and child health care. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

SMILE stands for “Supporting Maternal and Child Health Improvement and Building Literate Environment.” It is a model project for literacy and maternal and child health care for women by ACCU and **LRC network.

LRC (The Literacy Resource Centres for Girls and Women) Programme was launched in 1994 by the ACCU in cooperation with UNESCO and its Member States in Asia and the Pacific region, in order to meet the needs for literacy education, especially for girls and women, and to contribute to the achievement of “Education for All (EFA)” in Asia and the Pacific. At present, 18 organisations in 17 countries are members of the LRC Network.

=> For additional information on SMILE, please visit the following website.

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