News List on July, 2010

48 US teachers visited Japan in U.S. Teacher Exchange Programme for ESD
28 July 2010

From 23 June to 6 July 2010, 48 U. S. teachers visited Japan under Japan-U.S. Teachers Exchange Program for ESD. After the programme in Tokyo they were divided into three groups and each visited Tobetsucho in Hokkaido, Kesennuma City in Miyagi Pref. and Matsuyama City in Ehime Pref. some of the most active areas in ESD in Japan. Through visits to primary and secondary schools, universities, NPOs and ESD related institutes and sites in the host cities, they successfully shared experiences and expertise with their counterparts. They also had chances to be exposed to Japanese culture through homestay and traditional performances.

After the one-week group visits, they assembled again in Tokyo for the Joint Conference where the Japanese educators who had visited US in spring this year also participated. They shared experiences and ideas, discussed possibilities of Japan-US cooperation in ESD and made action plans to take back home.

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