News List on November, 2010

Chinese teachers visited Japan
16 November 2010

School lunch at Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

From 12 to 25 October 2010 ‘Invitation Programme for Teachers from the People’s Republic of China’ was implemented, under the framework of the ACCU International Education Exchange of Teachers and Professionals. The delegation was 130 members, composed of teachers and government officials. The programme consisted of school visits, international exchange with Japanese students and a courtesy call to the Ministry of Education each site in Tokyo and 5 designated municipalities. Each group is as follows,

- Group A : Primary school teachers (Daisen City, Akita Prefecture)
- Group B : Primary school teachers (Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture)
- Group C : Lower secondary school teachers (Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture)
- Group D : Lower secondary school teachers (Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture)
- Group E : Upper secondary school teachers ( Nagasaki Prefecture )

In Osaka, the group representatives reported extensive understanding, insights of issues in the elementary and secondary education in Japan.

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