News List on November, 2010

PLANET4 (Disaster Preparedness) production on the way in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
24 November 2010

The purpose of PLANET, a package learning material on environment, is to develop environmental education materials for learners in non-formal and formal education to generate motivation for improving current environmental conditions for the future. It aims at raising environmental awareness and fostering among them a sense of connectedness with nature, thereby contributing to the promotion of the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

The PLANET package, collaboration among Japanese and Malaysian authors, is comprised of a short animated cartoon, a poster, a booklet, and a facilitators’ guide. It has been well received and turned into a series which focuses on water, forest, and waste materials. The series has since been localised in 56 languages and utilized extensively in 54 different countries.

Following the Indian Ocean Tsunami triggered by the earthquake off the west coast of Northern Sumatra in December, 2004, PLANET4, which is devoted to enhancing disaster preparedness at a community level, has been developed to contribute to the disaster preparedness education in developing countries.

With financial assistance from Tokyo Club, local versions of PLANET will be produced in collaboration with the local partner organisations in Sri Lanka and Philippines. They are two of the Asian countries where education for disaster preparedness is highly needed.


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