News List on November, 2010

ACCU will organize International Symposium on KOMINKAN - CLC Cooperation in Asia
26 November 2010

Japanese Kominkan, who has played an important role in from the improvement of living after the Second World War to current local revitalization, draws increasing attention from CLCs set in many places in many countries in Asia, by its abundant experiences. The symposium will share effective practices and explore the way of mutual exchange between CLCs in Asia essential to literacy education and job training and Japanese Kominkan that is active in boost to regional economic development and international interaction.

If you are interested in the symposium, please feel free to contact ACCU.

Date & Time: 9:30 – 16:30, Monday, 13 December
Correspondence: E-mail: Tel: +81-3-3269-4559

Information about this Symposium

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