News List on December, 2010

International Symposium on KOMINKAN-Community Learning Centre (CLC) Cooperation in Asia
24 December 2010

Japanese Kominkan have been attracted rising attention from all involved with CLCs in Asia, who work for literacy education, vocational training and income generating activities. Interaction between KOMINKAN and CLCs is expected to promote human capacity development and community development.
International symposium on KOMINKAN-CLC Cooperation in Asia was organized at Japan Publishers Club Building in Japan on December 13th. About 80 experts of non-formal education and lifelong learning, concerned with KOMINKAN and its policy-making and researchers, including 13 overseas participants, took part in the symposium and discussed management policy, good practices and problems of CLCs and future exchange with KOMINKAN.
Prior to the symposium, overseas participants visited KOMINKAN in Kimitsu, Chiba to develop an understanding of KOMINKAN.
Based on the discussion of the symposium, which is a part of research project consigned by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, report will be yielded from the research.

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