News List on February, 2011

Let's Discuss & Exchange! -Disaster Education and Community Development-
1 February 2011

International Forum in Shinjuku: Urban Community-based Disaster Education through ESD
Thu. 17 February 2011 at Kogakuin University

□Programme 13:00-16:30
●Keynote Speech: Mr. Badaoui Rouhban (Director, Section for Disaster Reduction, UNESCO)
●Presentations of disaster education and practices in Shinjuku
●Open Discussion with Professionals from Asian countries,
including Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand
●“Kobuta-chan to Henshin Ookami ・Three Little Pigs”
by Waniko
Commentary by Mr. KODA Maki
(Professor, Department of ECCE, Seitoku University Junior College)

□Side Event
●12:00-18:00 Exhibition/demonstration of educational materials
●17:30-18:20 “Inamura no hi”to be performed by Deaf Puppet Theater HITOMI

To Apply
For those who wish to participate in this event, please print out the attached pdf and fill in necessary information and FAX to 03-3269-4510.
Application Form

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