News List on June, 2011

The report on Kominkan - CLC Cooperation in Asia has completed
1 June 2011

Japanese Kominkan, which has played an important role in from the improvement of living after the Second World War to current local revitalization, draws increasing attention from CLCs* set in many countries in Asia, by its abundant experiences. CLCs are essential for literacy education and skill training in Asia, and Kominkan in Japan is active in boost to regional economic development and international interaction. The report has completed which explores the way of mutual exchange between Kominkan and CLCs in Asia.
*CLC:community learning centre

The report can be downloaded from the MEXT(the Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science,Technology-Japan) site below. Please have a read through it. Though the page of Mext's web site is written by Japanese, the report, devided in 17 files, is written by not only Japanese but also English.

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