News List on September, 2011

SMILE Asia Project 2011 launched.
20 September 2011

ACCU has been implementing the SMILE (Supporting Maternal and Child Health Improvement and Building Literate Environments) Asia Project in Asian countries since 2007. In August 2011, this year’s project was commenced in 5 villages of Phnom Penh in Cambodia in close partnership with a local NGO,the Cambodian Women’s Development Agency (CWDA),with funding support from TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD. in Japan.

The SMILE Asia Project is focusing especially on expectant mothers and mothers who have children aged between 0-5, so that they can learn literacy skills as well as knowledge of maternal and child health, as the following voices of learners show:
< Voices of the learners>
“I want to be able to read letters from my husbandworking in another place.”

“I want to learn how to read and write, as I have forgotten how to do so. I cannot record how much I am picking vegetables in yard and how much I am earning a day. Also, I want to learn about hygiene and teach my children.”

“I want to learn how to read and write and continue teaching my children. I want to become a kind of ‘model’ to show them and encourage them to go to school.”

After conducting a training workshop for teachers and those who are involved in the Project, literacy classes will be started. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

[Background in Cambodia]
Approximately one third of adult women in Cambodia are non-literate and maternal mortality is at 461 per 100,000 live births.
SMILE Asia Project in Cambodia was started from 2009. ACCU believes that improving women’s, especially mothers’ literacy will have a huge effect on acquiring knowledge on health and improving health status of mothers and children.

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