News List on January, 2012

"The Invitation Programme for Korean Teachers" (Jan 11 - 22, 2012)
27 January 2012

From 11 to 22 January 2012, ‘Invitation Programme for Teachers from Republic of Korea’ was implemented, under the framework of 2011-2012 International Educational Exchange Programme.
 The delegation was 148 members, composed of teachers and government officials. After visiting schools around Tokyo, they were divided into 5 groups and visited 5 designated municipalities to make further visits to primary and secondary schools, cultural institutions, and local families.

The voices from Korean teachers.
“We were able to observe ESD being practiced in close cooperation among schools, families, and society.”
“We realised local culture and traditional games can be utilised in classrooms.”
“We learned from people in Kesennuma that whatever disasters happen, mans’ will would never be lost.”
“We learned each person should learn how to love his/her respective hometown at his/her place.”
“We observed a secondary school that combined junior and senior high schools which is not common in Korea. We also deepened understanding of academic and carrier education.”

 The programme is entrusted by the United Nations University (UNU) with the cooperation of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MEST) of the Republic of Korea and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan.

 The programme aimed 1) to introduce Japanese elementary and secondary educational system to Korean teachers including good practices on Education for International Understanding (EIU) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), 2) to improve the quality of education in both countries through bilateral exchange of teachers, and 3) to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries.
 As of January 2012, this invitation programme was held 12 times, and more than 1,400 Korean teachers were invited to Japan.

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