News List on October, 2012

Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd. supports ACCU SMILE Asia project.
26 October 2012

Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd. , one of the ACCU Supporting Members, has held the charity concert to support the improvement of “literacy skill” in developing countries.

ACCU was chosen as the organisation involved in the improvement of literacy skill project and will be donated the earning of the sixth TOPPAN CHARITY CONCERT.

ACCU will use the contribution to support SMILE Asia project which is the literacy project, aimed at expecting mothers and mothers with small children, is implemented in Cambodia. The project aims to improve life quality while providing a home and community environment that enables people to continue learning.

We express our most gratitude to Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd.

1) Wednesday, 6 March 2013, 19:00~ @TOPPAN HALL
MIYAMOTO Emiri (violin)

2) Thursday, 7 March 2013, 19:00~ @TOPPAN HALL
SUGAWA Nobuya (saxophone)

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