News List on December, 2012

The Pilot Project of the ESD Rice Project completed.
17 December 2012

The Pilot Project of the ESD Rice Project has been successfully completed. Five schools/school consortiums of Thailand, Philippines Republic of Korea and Japan participated in the pilot project to implement collaborative ESD learning under the common theme of “rice”. They started the project by participating in the Asia-Pacific Networking Workshop held in Okayama, Japan (6-10 June, 2012).

The ESD Rice Project is a project of ESD co-learning, collaboration and networking, where schools and communities in the Asia-Pacific region gather under the theme of “rice”.
Rice is a common staple food in many parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The programme utilizes this theme as an entry point for learning about and implementing ESD that is able to link the local and the global contests of multiple topics like agriculture, food, biodiversity, climate chage, human security, and technological development placed in the broader contexts of the environment, economy and society on the basis of culture.

Outcomes and activities are introduced on the project website, together with a brief information of what rice means in each of the participating countries. Project Guide is downloadable from the site.

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