News List on December, 2012

The ACCU-ESD website has been updated!
18 December 2012

ACCU promotes Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) with various organisations in the Asia-Pacific. This ESD website introduces ACCU’s ESD projects and outcomes.

This update describes our new ESD projects and updates on our ongoing projects.

Main updates
Tales of Hope series:
This page introduces the history of the HOPE evaluation framework.

The series on good ESD practice “Tales of Hope”, “Tales of Hope II”, and “Tales of Hope III” is available in PDF.

Hard copies of “Tales of Hope II” and the Japanese version of “Tales of Hope” are available for sale. Please send E-mail to chage # to @.)

Asia-Pacific Forum:
Outcomes and information of the 2012 COE Meeting (Bangladesh, July 2012) and EFA-ESD Synergy Workshop (Thailand, August 2012) are available.

ESD Rice Project :
We’ve introduced the ESD Rice project in our 17 December post. You can also access the ESD Rice project site from the ACCU-ESD website.

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