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Plan against Tsunami by Onagawa Junior High School
24 April 2013

On Thursday 18th April, seven 3rd grade students and a teacher from Onagawa Junior High School visited ACCU as part of their 3-day school trip.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Onagawa Junior High School has participated in "Japan Solidarity Project" and “ESD-DRR International Workshop for Future Leaders in Asia” which ACCU has organised

After an introduction from ACCU, students from Onagawa Junior High School presented their preventive measures against tsunamis which students thought up by themselves to save their future generations in 1000 years. Their presentations were very passionate and heartfelt because of their extreme experiences of loss of family, friends, and homes and the thought that they do not want future generations to suffer in the same way.

One of their measures is to preserve the buildings affected by the Tsunami to remember the disaster. A lot of local people are still opposed to this idea; however students said that they will keep trying to change their minds by distributing their Plan and requesting their understanding.
They also said that to achieve all the measures they have presented, students promised to work together at least until they turn 20 years old.

This presentation will be broadcast on the NHK TV programme “Close-up Gendai” on 9th May.

Programme : "Close-up Gendai” on NHK From Monday to Thursday 7:30pm-
Scheduled date : 9 May 2013
Topic  : Current situation of architectural remains of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Local people’s opinions are divided between preservation and demolition. Case of Onagawa, Kesennuma-city and Otsuchi etc

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