News List on September, 2013

ESD Rice Project Starts Soon
18 September 2013

ESD* Rice Project is an international collaborative learning project among UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) in Asia to nurture children to contribute to sustainable development as “change agent” through common learning theme of “Rice”.
*ESD;Education for Sustainable Development

The project aims to support students and teachers to grow into and act as change agents at their schools and in their communities, and globally, to tackle with the sustainability challenges of the community and to contribute to building a global sustainable society.

6 countries, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Republic of Korea and Thailand will be participating in the project. The project will officially start from December at an international workshop in Thailand.

ACCU is now open for application from ASPnet in Japan for ESD Rice Project (2013-2015).

For further information, please visit ACCU ESD website and/or ESD Rice Project Website.

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