News List on October, 2013

Invitation Programme for Teachers from the People’s Republic of China to Take Place
17 October 2013

60 Chinese primary and secondary teachers will visit Japan from 20 to 28 October in Invitation Programme for Teachers from the People’s Republic of China.

The programme consists of 1) lecture about Japanese primary and secondary school education, 2) visits to schools where Chinese teachers will have hands-on experience with Japanese students and discussions with Japanese counterparts, 3) visits to cultural sites, and 4) home visits, where each per participant will have lunch together with a Japanese family. After group programmes in four prefectures, all groups will gather again in Osaka for debriefing session to share everyone’s Japanese experience to take back home and promote mutual understanding and friendship.

Some of the Chinese teachers are from schools that welcomed Japanese teachers in June this year, so they will have chances to meet Japanese teachers again here in Japan. It is expected exchange between schools and teachers in the two countries will be promoted.

ACCU is entrusted by the United Nations University to carry out the programme under 2013-2014 International Educational Exchange Programme. Since 2002, a total of more than 1250 teachers will be visiting Japan in this programme.

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