News List on March, 2014

NFE-FE Partnership Workshop for ESD information uploaded to ESD Website
30 March 2014

This workshop was held in Okayama City, Japan in October 2013 under the theme of partnership between community /non-formal education and formal education. 8 teams from 6 countries (Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, VietNam) presented projects that deal with a variety of issues, from disaster risk reduction and biodiversity to community revitalisation.

The page below has presentations and other workshop information.

This workshop was a pre-event for the Kominkan-CLC International Conference on ESD to take place in Okayama City from 9 to 12 October 2014. Many of the same issues such as biodiversity and disaster risk reduction will also be discussed at this Conference, which will be held in conjunction with the UNESCO World Conference on ESD.

If you are interested in attending the Conference, please contact the Okayama City UNESCO World Conference on ESD Promotion Bureau.

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