News List on July, 2014

ACCU Has Initiated a Pilot Project On Youth In Community Development In Pakistan
28 July 2014

ACCU has initiated a pilot project on youth in community development together with Sanjh Preet Organization.

The project will be located in two villages in Nankana Sahib District, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Sanjh Preet Organization is a non-profit organization based in Lahore, Pakistan. The organization is dedicated to development of human potential and empowering underserved communities. The goal of the project is to explore and expand the potential of youth. The project seeks to empower youth as “agents of change” so that they can participate in the development of their communities.

The project will select male and female youth of the villages to be members of youth groups. The youth group will conduct a survey of their respective villages to learn about village needs in terms of education. Then, they will create a village development plan and take action based on the plan. Already, some ideas that group members have are to work for 100% primary school enrolment in their village. They want to work to convince parents of out-of-school children so that they will send their children to school, and also track those children to ensure that they remain in school.

At the end of the project, we will conduct an analysis of the pilot project to determine the feasibility of scaling up. At the same time, ACCU will consult international experts to consider implementing a similar project in a different country. The long term goal is to propose a model for youth involvement in community development for the Asia-Pacific region, and work for its inclusion in educational policy.

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