News List on September, 2015

50 Japanese Teachers visited the Republic of Korea
11 September 2015

With the invitation of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, 50 Japanese teachers and officials returned to Japan from the Republic of Korea on 31 August, after completing their 7-day fruitful programme.

In the early morning on 25 August, participants left for Seoul and they attended the opening reception and the lecture about the current situation of education, ASPnet and ESD in Korea. Next day on 26 August, participants were divided into two groups and visited Yonggang Middle School and Seoul National University Girls’ Middle School in Seoul.
From 27 to 29 August, A group went to Jeollanam-do, B group went to Gyeonggi-do. Each group visited offices of education, elementary schools, high schools and cultural facilities for the interaction with Korean teachers and students to understand each other.

On 30 August, both groups gathered again and had the debriefing and the closing sessions. Participants presented what they learned in the programme and their future plans.
After the closing session, they attended the Educational Exchange Summit for the 50th Anniversary of Normalization of Japan-ROK Relations. Participants from B group sang a Korean song with students’ orchestra in Busan, and one of the participants took part in the panel discussion.

Teachers in the programme will make use of their experience in Korea to develop Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

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