News List on October, 2016

24 Member Schools Meet and Sustainable School Project Launched
11 October 2016

Public application for the Sustainable Schools was closed in August and through a prudent selection process by the operating committee composed by outside specialists, twenty-four schools were announced as initial member schools of the Sustainable School Project. From the current fiscal year the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) consigned this Project to ACCU in order to further promote ESD in every aspect of school education through making model operations in the member schools visible in the region and other interested schools.

On 22 September all the 24 schools gathered in the meeting room of the building of ACCU site怀for a training workshop participated by specialists in MEXT, universities etc. who are leading the promotion of ESD. 24 schools consist of not only in UNESCO Associated Schools but several other schools which showed positive and constructive project proposals. The variety of schools extend from elementary schools to high schools as well as schools for special needs and NPO schools.

A positive sense of unity is being developed among the participants in the process of the first gathering at this workshop. Most of the participants including both principals and classroom teachers who are in charge of ESD showed their eagerness to build a network of leading models of Education for Sustainable Development. Lots of active practices in and with these Sustainable Schools are expected to prevail to the region as well as to the world. ACCU consigned by the MEXT will make every effort for the success of this new Sustainable School Project while receiving professional guidance from the programme committee members.

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