Literacy Breakthroughs contains an inventory of reports and analytical studies on innovative literacy programmes and projects identified by the national government literacy agencies, APPEAL Research and Training Consortium (ARTC) member organisations and Literacy Resource Centres for Girls and Women (LRCs).

Programme Areas
Enhancing community/NGO involvement
Developing learner-based learning material/curriculum
Policy formulation for advocacy and awareness
Increasing use of media and technology

2000/09 Functional Education and Literacy Programme (FELP) PHILIPPINES
PDF (81KB)
2000/03 Ganokendras (Learning Centres) for Basic and Lifelong Education BANGLADESH
PDF (36KB)
2000/03 Village Level Innovative Practices in a Literacy Campaign Literacy Campaign in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra INDIA
PDF (48KB)
2000/03 Keo Kou Community Learning Centre LAO PDR
PDF (248KB)
2000/03 Development of Community Coalition through Literacy SRI LANKA
PDF (664KB)
2005/04 Presentation on Chinese Experience
An introduction of rural vocational education in Western China
PDF (17KB)
2000/03 Rural Community Learning Centres in Education for Poverty Alleviation CHINA
PDF (188KB)
2000/03 Role of Literacy Education in Sustainable Development of Poor Rural Ethnic Groups CHINA
PDF (32KB)
2000/03 Community Learning Centres - Final Report VIET NAM
PDF (844KB)
2000/03 Case Study on Education Programme in Loh Yo Village THAILAND
PDF (68KB)
1999/12 A Case Study On Community Learning Centre For Development NEPAL
PDF (97KB)
2005/04 EFA Progress for Girls and Women
Maryam Bibi, Pakistan
PDF (38KB)
1999/12 Expanding NGO Involvement in Literacy for Women in Muslim Mindanao: The Philippines Experience PHILIPPINES
PDF (81KB)
2000/03 Development for Working Children Curriculum CAMBODIA
PDF (36KB)
2000/03 Marginalized Urban Youth Learning Programme MONGOLIA
PDF (36KB)
2000/03 Non-Formal Education Development Project for Ethnic Minorities LAO PDR
PDF (184KB)
1999/12 Developing Learning Method and Materials based on Bengali Phonemes BANGLADESH
PDF (50KB)
1999/12 Media Development with Street Children/LRCCE INDONESIA
PDF (645KB)
2000/03 Provision of Continuing Education MYANMAR
PDF (36KB)
2000/03 Correspondence Services Project IRAN
PDF (20KB)
1999/12 Giving Girls a New Vision The Girl Child Shield Programme PAKISTAN
PDF (820KB)
2000/03 Malaysian Nursery Rhymes on Multimedia CD-ROM MALAYSIA
PDF (24KB)
2000/03 Local Wisdom Learning Process for the Improvement of Quality of Life Project THAILAND
PDF (72KB)
2000/03 Functional Literacy Programme INDONESIA
2000/03 Innovations for Empowerment of Women INDIA
PDF (36KB)
2000/03 Project EASE - Effective and Affordable Secondary Education PHILIPPINES
PDF (40KB)

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