The Literacy Resource Centres for Girls and Women (LRC) Programme was launched in 1994 by the ACCU in cooperation with UNESCO and its Member States in Asia and the Pacific region, in order to meet the needs for literacy education, especially for girls and women, and to contribute to the achievement of “Education for All (EFA)” in Asia and the Pacific.

The LRCs, established and managed by the member organisations of the LRC Network, are promoting literacy and non-formal education (NFE) through various activities such as materials and curriculum development, training, networking, information sharing and advocacy.

The basic purposes of LRCs are:

(1)  to collect and provide information and materials on literacy and NFE to NGOs, government organizations and field workers;
(2)  to develop innovative literacy and NFE teaching-learning materials and strategies; and
(3)  to provide training opportunities to literacy and NFE workers in various fields.

Each LRC also has different functions and activities catering to local needs.

At present, 18 organisations in 17 countries are members of the LRC Network.

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