Institutional Linkages and Networking

Today, with its institutional capability, credibility and track record, WED has been identified and selected to implement projects in partnership with donor agencies. Most often, it has been selected as the Philippine NGO Partner and Lead Agency. To be identified as such is an affirmation of its institutional responsiveness and competence. The following are the current programs and projects being implemented: 











UNESCO-World Education, Inc.

Lead Agency

Mindanao NGO Women's Education Project: Expanding NGO Involvement in Functional Literacy in Muslim Mindanao

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Lead Agency

Strategic Program for Enhancing Education and Development in Mindanao (SPEED - Mindanao)

Asia / Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)

Philippine NGO Partner

1995 Programme for Establishing Literacy Resource Centres for Women and Girls in the Philippines

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Philippine NGO Partner

Women in Development - Social Component, Kabulnan Irrigation and Area Development Project

.Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)



Philippine NGO Partner

  • Local Government Support Program: Capability Building Training for Local Governance on Gender and Development
  • Improving the Conditions of Women in Agriculture in Muslim Mindanao: A Research and Advocacy Project


Aboitiz Group Foundation, Inc.


Community-based Skills Training and Entrepreneurship for Identified Barangays in Cotabato City

Local Government of Cotabato City

Literacy and Skills Training

Provincial Government of Maguindanao

Poverty Alleviation Program: Literacy for Enterprise Development