Record of MANGO Project , 2001-2003

MANGO stands for Map-based Analysis for Non-formal Education Goals and Outcomes.
  MANGO Project is a regional project by ACCU and UNESCO APPEAL to develop computer software and handbooks for analysis of progress in the achievement of NFE goals at the project and community levels. The duration of this project is 3-year from 2001 to 2003.

Expected users:
  Project managers and supervisors at the project/district level,
Community leaders and other stakeholders at the community level,
Facilitators and learners at learning centre level.
The software will support monitoring non-formal learning activities by visually presenting comprehensive information of learning centre:
  Village/community socio-economic and education profile
Learner information
Facilitator information
Centre information
Skills and enterprise development
Management of project
Library facilities and services

Information will be presented in various visual formats to grasp the situation in one glance. For example, geographic maps, diary/stories of learners, tables and graphs of quantitative data, interview recordings, photo/video of learning centre, etc.
  Currently, four countries are participating in the development of pilot versions for their projects.
Bangladesh: Ganokendra (CLC) by Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM)
India: Continuing education project by State Resource Centre for Adult Education, M.P., Bhartiya Grameen Mahila Sangh (Indore SRC)
Indonesia: NFE for street children in Bandung by LRCCE and Semak
Philippines: NFE projects by NGOs in Mindanao by Notre Dame Foundation for Charitable Activities Inc., Women in Enterprise Development (NDFCAI-WED)

MANGO Outlook

[updated in April 2010]

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