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Fine Arts DepartmentKrom Silpakorn


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Address: Na Phrathat Road, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: (66-2)224 2050, 204 4702
Fax: (66-2)222 0934
E-mail: N/A
Managing Head: Director-General

Reasons for selection

Fine Arts Department is the major national organization responsible for the preservation and promotion of arts and culture of the country. Its works, characteristically Thai, have become showpieces, and symbolize the richness of Thai culture.

Year of foundation

27 March, 1911

Number of staff


Organisational category

National government


To enforce the laws concerning ancient monuments, ancient objects, art objects and museums.
To maintain, preserve, revitalize, promote, create and disseminate national art and culture in the following aspects:
a)museology and archaeology
b)literary, history, traditions, library and archives
c)performing and visual arts
To provide education on performing and visual arts both in and out of school systems.
To conduct studies and research for the preservation and transmission of all branches of Thai national heritage.

Covered countries


Fields of Activities

Policy making, policy proposal
Publication, information service
Planning and organizing festivals and performances
Grant giving
Training of performers

Description of Major Activities

Major Activities
Since it was founded eighty years ago in 1911, the Fine Arts Department has been responsible for preserving, supporting and promoting the arts and culture of the country. Thus, many responsibilities of the Fine Arts Department have included the encouraging and fostering of literary works, arts and crafts, dance and musical arts as well as administering the national records office, and promoting archaeological sites and the preservation of ancient monuments and objects of antiquity, all of which form part of Thai cultural heritage, both in its tangible and intangible forms. The results of these endeavours are apparent in every branch of art and culture under the Department. The Department is committed to protecting and preserving as well as fostering and promoting national arts and culture. At the same time, through its work, the Department continues its important task of stimulating and encouraging the state, private sectors and the general public to acquire good understanding of the Thai deep rooted cultural traditions. Organizational Background
Before 1911 Thai cultural heritage in the fields of archaeology, history, literature, drama, music, artistic work, literary work, archives and museum work had been under the care of various government agencies. The wide scope of work had not been incorporated into any organization in particular. Until 1911 in the reign of King Rama VI who regarded art and culture as the root of the Thai people and the kingdom, the Fine Arts Department was founded at the King's command on March 27, 1911 and was entrusted with cultural affairs of the Thai nation.

In 1926 during the reign of King Rama VII, the Fine Arts Department was dissolved because the government was unable to afford the allocation for the cultural affairs owing to the world economic crisis. However, the Fine Arts Department was re-established in 1933.

From 1922 to the present time, the Fine Arts Department has undergone continuous changes and development within the organization so as to keep up with the changing world, especially with the trend of globalization.

Periodicals of the Institution/Organisation

Nittayasarn Krom Silp (Fine Art Department's magazine)

Major Publications of the Institution/Organisation


Data provider

Ms. Sudhasinee Vajrabul
Director, the External Cultural Relation Division
Office of the National Cultural Commission
Address: 4 Ratchadapisek Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10320, Thailand