Emphasis in Activities

ACCU places special emphasis on programmes planned and implemented jointly by Asian and Pacific Member States of UNESCO. This joint programme scheme has been applied to its cooperative projects such as production of various materials of good quality for common use in encouraging better understanding of cultures of other countries in the region.

Joint Production Scheme

Experts from the respective countries jointly plan and programme for the proposed project on an equal footing
To meet the needs of each country and understand the respective circumstances. Meeting
Planning meeting
National Commissions for UNESCO or their designees supply original articles or materials to ACCU
To collect information to reflect realistic and current situations. Meeting to collect products
Publishing meeting
ACCU produces a master/prototype version in English
To encompass a wide variety of culture and promote mutual understanding. Master version
Book for example
The participating countries produce and distribute domestic versions with modifications if necessary
  To use at their own convenience and cost for the benefit of their nationals Student reads the domestic versions book
Students read book in Laos
Countries Participating in ACCU Programme Activities
1. Afghanistan
2. Australia
3. Bangladesh
4. Bhutan
5. Brunei
6. Cambodia
7. China
8. Cook Islands
9. Fiji
10. India
11. Indonesia
12. Iran
13. Japan
14. Kazakhstan
15. Kiribati
16. Kyrgyzstan
17. Lao P.D.R.
18. Malaysia
19. Maldives
20. Marshall Islands
21. Micronesia
22. Mongolia
23. Myanmar
24. Nauru
25. Nepal
26. New Zealand
27. Niue
28. Pakistan
29. Palau
30. Papua New Guinea
31. Philippines
32. Rep. of Korea
33. Samoa
34. Singapore
35. Solomon Islands
36. Sri Lanka
37. Tajikistan
38. Thailand
39. Timor-Leste
40. Tonga
41. Turkmenistan
42. Tuvalu
43. Uzbekistan
44. Vanuatu
45. Viet Nam
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