Brief History

1971 ACCU Established on 28 April.
Publicity Programme for the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage launched.
1972 1st Experts Meeting on Regional Co-operation in UNESCO Cultural Activities held.
Japanese and English periodicals launched.
Asia-Pacific Copublication Programme (ACP) launched.
1973 Mobile Teams of Experts for Book Production Training Courses launched.
1974 Music Materials Co-production Programme (MCP) launched.
1975 Project of Photo Travelling Exhibition in Asia launched.
1976 Photo Contest and Travelling Exhibitions launched.
Group Visiting by Japanese UNESCO Leaders launched.
1977 Co-production of Audio-Visual Materials (AVCP) launched.
1978 Library opened.
Regional Training Seminars for Cultural Personnel launched.
Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations started.
1979 Pacific Countries joined in ACCU activities.
1981 10th Anniversary of ACCU.
Asia-Pacific Joint Production Programme of Materials for Neo-literates in Rural Areas launched.
1983 Workshop for Literacy/NFE Personnel launched.
1985 Programme of Sending of an International Experts Team to National Literacy Workshops in the Member States launched.
1986 ACCU Prizes for Fully Illustrated Literacy Follow-up Materials inaugurated.
1987 ACCU Exhibition at general Conference of UNESCO in Paris held.
Dissemination Scheme of Local Versions of AJP Materials launched.
1988 Noma International Literacy Fund established.
1989 The International Literacy Year Picture Book published.
1990 Campaign for Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage of Mankind Located in the Region launched.
Sub-Regional Workshop on the Development of Basic Literacy Learning Materials launched.
1991 20th Anniversary of ACCU.
Animation Co-production Programme launched.
1992 Cooperation in UNESCO APPREB Network Activities launched.
1993 ACCU Renamed to Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO.
UNESCO/ACCU World Photo Contest held at UNESCO Headquarters.
Mobile Teams of Experts for the Documentation and Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage programme launched.
1994 Literacy Resource Centres for Girls and Women (LRC) project launched.
1995 Literacy Promotion Division set up.
ACCU World Photo Contest held.
1996 Capacity Building Workshop of LRCs launched.
1997 Central Asian Countries Joined in ACCU activities.
ACCU Website and Literacy Data Base launched.
Package Learning Materials on Environment (PLANET) launched.
1998 Pacific Countries joined in ACCU activities.
1999 Cultural Heritage Protection Cooperation Office (Nara) established.
2000 Youth Exchange Office set up.
ACCU International Exchange Programme for the Promotion of International Cooperation and Mutual Understanding launched.
Training Courses on Cultural Heritage Protection launched.
2001 30th Anniversary of ACCU
2002 ACCU Secretariat reorganized to 4 Divisions (general Affairs, Planning, Culture and Education) under 2 Departments (general Affairs and Programme).
ACCU Invitation Programme for International Educational Exchange of Teachers and Professionals launched.
2003 Protection of Intellectual Properties programme launched.
2005 Education for Sastainable Development(ESD) programme launched.
2008 UNESCO Asociated School support programme launched.
2010 ACCU Secretariat reorganized to 3 Divisions (General Affairs, International Exchange, and Education Cooperation) under 2 Departments (General Affairs and Programme).
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