Vision & Mission


ACCU aims to contribute from the Asia-Pacific perspectives to the realisation of a peaceful and sustainable society where cultural diversity is duly respected, by means of promoting and securing lifelong learning opportunities where each and everyone can equally participate.


ACCU, in line with the UNESCO's principles, works closely with the people in the Asia-Pacific for effectively promoting regional cooperation and exchange programmes of innovative approaches in the fields of culture and education which would enhance mutual understanding to realise sustainable future.


ACCU develops a raft of innovative children's and adult learning educational materials in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific countries. These wide-ranging materials, integrated with ACCU's participatory field experience, serve as effective instruments to promote cultural diversity, tangible and intangible cultural heritage preservation, environmental protection, and poverty alleviation, particularly among the people and communities in disadvantaged situations.

ASP - visiting Indonesia

ACCU works for effective utilisation of ICT to function as a clearinghouse for the dissemination, distribution and sharing of innovative and high-quality materials and good practices at local, regional and international levels through data bank and website. Local communities are also important beneficiaries of these proactive materials and information.

ACCU provides capacity building opportunities to enable specialists and practitioners in the Asia- Pacific region to develop effective cultural and learning strategies so as to facilitate to build a peaceful and sustainable society.

ACCU implements its programmes in constructive partnerships with governments, NGOs and educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. It also actively facilitates exchanges and cooperation among scholars, practitioners and students so as to share best practices interaction, knowledge-based resources and sustainable cultural activities based on traditional wisdom and modern expertise.

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