Cultural Cooperation Programme

Promotion of Contemporary Culture

Photo Contest in Asia and the Pacific

"My Country" captured through the eyes of photographers in Asia and the Pacific.

Every year thousands of photographs taken by photographers in Asia and the Pacific in their own countries are sent to the ACCU Photo Contest. The prize-winning works are selected by an international jury on the basis not only of their technical quality but also their imaginativeness in depicting their own cultures.

The series of contests were organized annually between 1976 and 2002, in the hope that people living in different countries in Asia and the Pacific to develop mutual understanding through photographs by finding what they have in common and gaining insights into the lives and cultures of people in countries other than their own.

New programme "the ACCU Asia-Pacific ESD Photo Message Contest" has started in 2007.
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Themes of Past Contests

2002 Contest 2001 Contest 2000 Contest
2002 Contest Grand Prix
The Joy of Sport
© Fan Jiashan (China)
2001 Contest Grand Prix
Clothes and People
© M. A. Sadek (Bangladesh)
2000 Contest Grand Prix
Living in Harmony
© Debashis Mukherjee (India)
1999 Contest 1998 Contest 1997 Contest
1999 Contest Grand Prix
Our Elders
Happiness in Old Age
© Bao Weidong (China)
1998 Contest Grand Prix
Nature and Daily Life
© Le Tu (Viet Nam)
1997 Contest Grand Prix
Traditional Arts and People
© Moe Hlaing (Myanmar)
1996 Contest 1995 World Photo Contest 1994 Contest
1996 Contest Grand Prix
Children at Play
© Ren Qin (China)
1995 Contest Grand Prix
Living Together
© Eddy Hasby (Indonesia)
1994 Contest Grand Prix
People at Work
© S. Palu (India)
1993 World Photo Contest 1992 Contest 1991 Contest
1993 Contest Grand Prix
© R. Gombajov (Mongolia)
1992 Contest Grand Prix
Food and People
© Dhansukh Patel (India)
1991 Contest Grand Prix
Animals in Daily Life
© Syed Azmat Ali Zaidi (Pakistan)
1990 Contest 1989 Contest  
1990 Contest Grand Prix
Education for All
© Liu Wan Tian (China)
1989 Contest Grand Prix
Traditional Life Cycle Ceremonies
© Woon Cheow Long (Malaysia)
1988 Contest People and Their Dwellings 1987 Contest Marketplace
1986 Contest Street and People 1985 Contest Happiness
1984 Contest Water and Life 1983 Contest Festival
1982 Contest Free subject 1981 Contest Free subject
1980 Contest Youth 1979 Contest Women
1978 Contest Children 1977 Contest On a Move
1976 Contest Daily Life    

Travelling Photo Exhibition

The prize-winning works of each contest are mounted on panels for a travelling exhibition which tours the participating countries in Asia and the Pacific bringing messages of peace and mutual understanding.

Travelling Photo Exhibition (Lao PDR, 2004)
Travelling Photo Exhibition "The Joy of Sport" (Lao PDR, 2004)
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