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Book Development and Reading Promotion

GIve out books to Pakistan children.

Back in the 1970s, the situation in many Asian countries regarding production and distribution of quality books for children was far from satisfactory. In those countries, the books for children in circulation were mostly imported books or translations of western stories. In addition to that, the book production industry and distribution system were yet to be developed; furthermore, the low literacy rate prevented children from reading books. In order to improve this situation, ACCU initiated the Asian Copublication Programme (ACP), which aimed to produce quality books for Asian children through the "joint production scheme" of the countries in the region.

Further more, ACCU runs the website APPREB (Asia-Pacific Co-operative Programme in Reading Promotion and Book Development) by request of UNESCO, to encourage publishing activities and reading promotion in Asia-Pacific countries.

ACCU Experts Meeting on Book Development and
Reading promotion in Asia and the Pacific
- ACCU’s achievement inherited by Asia and the Pacific
towards the future of books and reading -
(Tokyo, 8-10 December 2009)

As ACCU decided to conclude its programmes in book development in the fiscal year of 2009, “ACCU Experts Meeting on Book Development and Reading promotion in Asia and the Pacific” was held from 8 to 10 December 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. 20 experts and officials from the field of book development and reading promotion, who closely worked with ACCU participated from 18 countries in Asia and the Pacific. The participants shared the current situation of the book development and reading promotion in their countries and how ACCU’s such activities contributed to their countries and in the region.

GIve out books to Pakistan children.

On the third day of the Meeting, Culture Division and Education Division together held the Symposium “Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation for the Promotion of Culture and Education” inviting 63 experts and government officials in book development and non-formal education gathered from 24 countries.

Please see the Final Report for more details.

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