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Books for Children

ACCU, in order to promote the dissemination of high quality reading materials widely to as many children as possible, produces children's publications to enrich their "world of books" in co-operation with UNESCO Member States in Asia and the Pacific.

These publications are carried out in a "joint production scheme", in which some Member States in the region participate from the planning stage to edit and publish a master version (English) and finally develop their vernacular language versions. This Asia-Pacific Copublication Programme(ACP) aims to disseminate the reading materials that have been produced by people in Asia and Pacific region themselves to the children there
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Distribute books to children.(Pakistan, Peshawar)
Pakistan, Peshawar

As of June 2008, 29 titles of reading materials including folktales, plays, riddles, literature of popular writers for the youth in the region, and an ecology series, have been published and the majority of them are also published in Japanese language.

The latest title of ACP is a picture book entitled "Meet My Friends!", commemorating the "International Year for the Culture of Peace" declared by United Nations in 2000 to promote peace education and mutual understanding. It was translated into Dari and Pashto, the two major languages of Afghanistan, as a part of an educational support programme for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, following by the master and Japanese versions.


Various language versions

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Master versions published in English have been translated into vernacular languages and published by representative agencies of the participating countries.

29 titles have been translated into 42 languages and a total of 4.2 million copies had been published as of December 2003. Multi-lingual countries have published different language versions, such as Hindi and Kannada in India.

ACCU supports publication of these vernacular versions by providing positive films and/or financial assistance.

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