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ESD - Education for Sustainable Development

Programmes on Disaster Reduction Education

Disaster Reduction is one of the important themes for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development). ACCU is working on this area, as well.

Materials Development
ACCU's Disaster Reduction Education

Under ACCU's materials production programme, a booklet "TSUNAMI RESCUE!" which is based on a Japanese material for disaster prevention, "A Real Story, Inamura no Hi" has been produced. The material contains not only the historical story about Mr. Hamaguchi Goryo who saved the villagers from a tsunami, but also basic knowledge on earthquakes, tsunami and disaster reduction and guide to utilise the material.

For the purpose of developing environmental education materials to generate motivation to improve current environmental conditions for the future, ACCU produces Package Learning Materials on Environment (PLANET). PLANET 4 "Natural Disaster Preparedness" is currently under development. It aims to raise environmental awareness and generate a sense of togetherness between nature and humankind throughout the world, thereby contributing to the promotion the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

ACCU has also published "Materials Development on Disaster Prevention for Community Empowerment –Sample Materials-". This is an annotated list of collections of existing educational materials for disaster preparedness, produced by various organisations, institutes and individuals concerned, with special emphasis on earthquakes, tsunami and disaster preparedness.


In response to the huge devastation caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami waves in the Indian Ocean, in December 2004, ACCU organised the "Asia Youth Forum for Disaster Preparation Education" in 2006.
Asian youth from 8 tsunami-prone countries participated. The youth representatives adopted the "Wakayama Declaration" It has been translated into 16 languages and utilised in Disaster Reduction Education in many countries.

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