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Women and Literacy
In the Asia and Pacific region, there are over 775 million people who are illiterate, not having the skills to read and write. This number makes up three-fourths of the world's illiterate population, of which two-thirds are women.

In spite of the fact that women play vital roles in family and community life, girls' and women's access to education has often been very limited or neglected due to various social, cultural, and economic conditions. It has been recognised that community development and national development cannot be achieved without the vital component of women's involvement and participation.

Literacy Activities of Literacy Organisations
There are many literacy organisations that are implementing literacy activities at grassroots level in Asia and the Pacific. Every literacy organisation has its own experiences and know-how gained from their past literacy activities. It is important to exchange and share such experiences and activities in order to promote literacy programmes more effectively in the region.

Literacy Resource Centres for Girls and Women (LRC)
ACCU, in cooperation with UNESCO, assists leading literacy organisations which are implementing innovative literacy activities especially for girls and women in the Asia and Pacific region, to establish a "Literacy Resource Centre for Girls and Women" (LRC). The LRCs are expected to act as centres of technical resources in promoting literacy for people in need and those who work for NGOs, government agencies and other various organisations. In order for LRCs to function effectively and truly be resourceful, it is nessessary to create networks at local, national and regional levels.

International Network of LRC
As of April 2008, 18 Literacy Resource Centres (LRC) have been established in 17 countries in Asia and the Pacific, and they are carrying out innovative literacy programmes catering to the needs of respective countries. For the purpose of exchanging experience and know-how gained by these Centres and sharing information among those concerned in the region of Asia and the Pacific as a whole, thus promoting effective literacy activities, international network-building on Internet is available at;

=> Literacy Resourse Centre Network
=> SMILE Asia Project
=> LRC Newsletter for All Those Involved in Literacy and NFE(last published in 2003)

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