• Our Programme

Our Programme

ACCU contributes to promoting and mutual understanding of education and culture both within and outside Japan. Our activities are as follows.

    • International Exchanges for Teachers

    • We provide teachers and educational administrators with the international exchange programmes to learn from each other through dialogues and exchanges. Encounter with foreign educators, cultures and active communication promise teachers to stimulate their existing values.

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    • International Exchanges for the Youth

    • We provide opportunities for the youth from Asia Pacific countries and regions with diverse backgrounds to get together, interact and learn together. By learning difference and diversity that each one has, the programmes aim at raising the next generation who are responsible for a peaceful and sustainable world.

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    • Model United Nations (MUN) for high school students

    • We provide educational opportunities for high school students in the form of UN conference simulations to explore the current global issues. These efforts eventually aim at encouraging students to make positive actions to create a peaceful and sustainable society.

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    • Promoting ESD in schools

    • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a worldwide initiative led by UNESCO. ACCU, utilising its domestic and international networks, provides support in nurturing future builders of a peaceful and sustainable society through school education.

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    • Community Development through ESD

    • Along with the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in schools, ACCU is engaged in collaborative projects with various non-formal education institutions in Japan and abroad such as the Kominkan and community learning centres (CLCs), in order to involve the whole community in the development of a sustainable society.

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    • Promotion of basic education

    • ACCU strives to realize a world where all people have equal access to basic education including reading, writing and arithmetic. We collaborate with various agencies from home and abroad, implementing grass-roots projects and advocacy activities.

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