International Exchanges for Teachers

Since 2001, the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) has conduced international exchange programmes. These programmes place as protagonists the teachers and education staff engaged in nurturing the next generation of children, and are entrusted by ACCU with the mission to spread UNESCO’s spirit of “contributing to international peace and human welfare through education, science and culture of the peoples of the world”. In cooperation with educational and cultural institutions both in Japan and overseas, ACCU conducts educational exchange programmes with various countries in the Asia-Pacific region to build a sustainable future and through such exchanges, ACCU aims to improve the quality of education and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Mutual Understanding

This programme cherishes mutual understanding between countries and the establishment of friendships — people passionate about education meeting face-to-face, sustaining intimate dialogue and engaging in various exchanges. Through this, they learn of the culture, customs, religion, educational situation and practices of their global neighbours. Also, the network of educational institutions both in Japan and overseas that ACCU has established so far are utilised on numerous occasions such as visits to schools or various educational organisations to meet and exchange with various people such as teachers, students, etc..

Achievements and Developments

The number of teachers who participated in this programme is now over 5,000 in total (as of 2020). Participants of this programme, who have deepened their mutual understandings towards education, carry out creative practices at each site and develop further networks. This has led to achievements such as sister school partnerships, interschool exchanges, class exchanges, and the launch of joint projects. In addition to this, by sharing and making use of the experience of learning together and transformation of values created by such exchanges, it has led to shifts in the mind-sets of teachers and students alike.

Through this programme, ACCU will continue to create an occasion where educators in Japan and overseas can meet. ACCU will also bring people together and continue to sow the seeds for our sustainable future.

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☆ACCU issued a booklet to share our achievements in international educational exchange programmes and the initiatives of those who took part in our programmes. Please click on the link below (the booklet is written in Japanese).
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